When the achieving of your objective is real and seamless.

The Nazar Bonjuk, which is the inspiration and philosophy of the Bluei name and logo, is a Turkish good-luck "evil eye" charm. Born of the age-old "evil eye" superstition, it is set in a blue background to ward off evil spirits and keep you safe from harm. The earliest written references to the evil eye are found on Sumerian clay tablets dating back to almost the third millennium BC. Yet one should always maintain the belief that nobody has the power to hurt anyone with a look. We at Bluei Creations wish to act as your Nazar Bonjuk for your projects and promise to secure it with luck and prosperity away from all evils.

Our vision:

To be a dependable partner for our client for his business development and marketing needs by recommending sales and marketing plans that are creatively strong and fundamentally profitable. To achieve this by partnering with other resources to gain knowledge that delivers on the client’s objectives.

Advertising your work has never been more easy